Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How The EPA Is Killing Jobs

This article in the New York Post by my husband and his colleague titled "An EPA power grab" describes how the EPA's description of CO2 as a pollutant will surely kill even more American jobs.
The finding paves the way for a huge power grab by EPA bureaucrats -- indeed, more power than even they think they can handle: The likely regulatory cascade will end up with the EPA having complete control over the nation's energy supply and its use.

Large apartment buildings and hospitals would need EPA operating permits to continue running their furnaces. Lawnmowers and aircraft alike would be regulated for fuel economy like automobiles. And as the EPA orders a retooling or even closure of the nation's power plants, electricity prices would skyrocket, and blackouts would become common.

Fight this nonsense or sit huddled in the cold and dark wondering what the heck happened!

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