Tuesday, June 16, 2009

North Korean Horrorshow

There are millions of reasons why North Korea, Iran, and Iraq were rightly called the Axis of Evil. This story here from The Wall Street Journal about just one boy's experience in a North Korean penal camp is reason enough to revile these countries.

There is no logic, no reason, no rational discourse with evil. It is hell-bent on achieving its vicious goals. Anyone who values logic, reason, rationality as well as freedom, justice and human dignity needs to fight evil rather than negotiate or reason with it.

There is no "moral equivalency" between the evil of these dictatorships and thugocracies and decent civilizations like the United States. Let's face it, carefully waterboarding a couple of terrorists is not the "moral equivalent" of the North Koreans doing this...
At 12 or 13 -- he is unsure of the year in which he was born -- he was forced to watch the executions of his mother, who was hanged, and his brother, who was shot. They had attempted to escape. Hoping to pry information out of him -- Mr. Shin had none -- camp officials bound the boy's hands and feet, embedded a hook in his groin and dangled him over a fire. In the Journal's conference room, Mr. Shin pulled up a leg of his trousers to show me the scars.
I'd like the Left to have a moment of clarity after reading that passage. Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans are suffering that misery. Hundreds of millions of human beings around the world are in equally miserable and horrific conditions at the hands of merciless tyrants and war lords.

To compare the United States of America or even any country in the EU to such villains is to demonstrate a complete and utter lack of intelligence, morality, or human decency. America's only "moral relevancy" to evil is her fight against it either by humanitarian acts or by forcibly stopping evil.

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