Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Enhanced Interrogation" Works

Marc Thiessen debunks the claim that "enhanced interrogation" techniques don't produce results.

Those techniques do work. Did work. And hopefully, will continue to work.

I lived in NYC when the World Trade Center was bombed the first time. I lost people on 9/11. I live in the DC area and when the plane hit the Pentagon, the blast wave shook my home.

After Sept. 11th. After the anthrax attacks. After the DC sniper. I am a bit jumpy.

And knowing there are CIA operatives working to glean as much information as possible from some really evil people in order to keep my kids safe is a good thing to me.

To paraphrase a comedian, if hooking a man's testicles up to a car battery to save human lives works, then I have only one thing to say.

Red is positive. Black is negative.

Sounds harsh? I am a mother of two children. I can not think or imagine a single act I would not do to defend my kids and keep them from harm if necessary.

Not. One. Single. Thing.

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