Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama and The Senate Don't Get It

Rush Limbaugh is right. Conservatives WANT the Senate republicans to stand up to Obama. To grow a spine. Telling Rush to back off is ignoring their base and it will come back to bite them.

He may be meeting with conservatives in Congress but I urge them not to believe a word he says.

Obama may be meeting conservatives a bit by throwing out certain liberal agenda programs from the un-stimulating "stimulus" package, but that doesn't mean he isn't goal oriented. These bits of social-liberal agenda pork shouldn't be in an economic package in the first place.

And speaking of unspeakable earmarks for the liberal/socialists, what the hell is spending for the felonious ACORN doing in the stimulus package. Looks like blatent vote purchasing to me.

This stimulus package must fail. It is nothing less than funding of liberal socialism in America. Far more intelligent stimulus ideas are out there which do not need to be funded by American taxpayers. Ideas like a payroll tax holiday or reducing regulations on small businesses or forcing big companies to go into bankrupcy so they are forced to responsibly restructure their organization rather than live off of our tax money.

US News and World Report piles on with an anti-stimulus piece called "10 Reasons to Whack Obama's Stimulus Plan." Lots of really good and reasonable objections in there.

And of course, there are these riduculous new CAFE regulations being imposed bu Obama on the struggling US automotive companies. That's real Harvard brains you've got there, Obama. Put huge and stupid EPA regulations on a major industry (aka employer) already struggling to keep afloat. Real Harvard brains.

This guy gets it however the good Senator from Tennesse

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