Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How Long Has This Been Going On

The founding religion that monotheism is based on is Judaism. The Jews were the first people in recorded history to worship only one God.

From their religious beliefs sprang the three major monotheistic world religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

But take yourself back in time to when all of humanity had multiple gods and animistic beliefs. Suddenly a group of people who only believe in one God appear and well, who wouldn't laugh and point. Point with sticks.

My thinking is that Judaism has spent a long, long time being the outsider religion. Its ungrateful children (I am Catholic) need to remember that many of the central tenets of our monotheistic religious beliefs were born in Judaism. We are all children of Abraham.

And yet anti-Semitism lives on.

And shamefully as this post points out, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Has anyone checked these demonstrators green cards and birth certificates because as far as I am concerned to suggest that any group of people deserve to die because of their religious beliefs (or physical traits) is unAmerican and should be shown the country's door.

Anti-Semitism is wrong. If you espouse it, you are wrong. If you condone it, you are wrong. And if you do not speak out against it, you are wrong.

You do not have to agree with Israel, but to say the hate-filled things these demonstrators around the world are saying is wrong.

Wrong and indefensible.

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