Saturday, December 13, 2008


Why should we have been surprised by the pro-left bias in the press during this election season when we had the pro-left environmental bias before us for years and years and years.

The latest example I've stumbled across is this jellyfish story that blames global warming for lots of jellyfish.

The article points out near the end that the "researchers quoted in the report said this one may be a natural cycle."

Then the article immediately says this,
""There is clear, clean evidence that certain types of human-caused environmental stresses are triggering jellyfish swarms in some locations," William Hamner of the University of California Los Angeles says in the report.

These include pollution-induced "dead zones", higher water temperatures and the spread of alien jellyfish species by shipping."
So which is it? Normal cyclical occurances or man-made global warming?

If you don't know, then does it matter?

And just out of curiousity, if the oceans take up over 70% of the Earth and humans can only inhabit about 10% of the remaining landspace and the atmosphere has only warmed up a degree or two in the last 60 years, then how in the world could these jellyfish blooms be our fault?

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