Sunday, November 6, 2011

Obama's Always Been A Leftie

If this 2004 "Meet Barack Obama" video produced by the Obama Team as part of his campaign for the US Senate had been run by Hilary or McCain in 2008, Obama would not have been elected. I've blamed the media for the Obama presidency in 08 and I blame them now. Bastards. Thank goodness for the Daily Caller. At least we're seeing this now. Rediscovered 2004 Senate ad shows Obama pitching similar rhetorical themes
A rediscovered video from Barack Obama’s 2004 Senate race shows him road-testing his current rhetorical techniques, pitching far-left policies, and depicting business and the marketplace as negative forces. ...... [snip].....The 2004 video also showcases several recurring features of Obama’s speeches — his use of the passive tense to glide past controversial issues, his passive-aggressive portrayal of himself as the reasonable moderate among extremists, and his promises of benefits without costs. The video features several segments of Obama pitching himself in an African-American church, complete with a minister’s Sunday cadence. “I believe we can provide homes to the homeless, food to hungry, clothes to the naked,” he preaches while an organist backs him up. He cites his work as a “political organizer” working with several churches to ameliorate the impact of steel-industry shutdowns. But doesn’t offer any examples where his work, or entrepreneurs’ work, helped attract or create new jobs. However, he does say that his organizing work registered more people to vote for the Democratic Party.

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