Monday, November 7, 2011

Cain's Accuser Doesn't Make Sense

I'll be upfront, I hope the allegations are untrue about Herman Cain. However, I am open-minded enough to wait until I hear both sides of the story. That said, this fourth accuser has not helped her case with me by hiring Gloria Allred as her lawyer. This "lawyer" has a sad history of backing anyone sensational enough to get her publicity. But my serious concern is why did Sharon Bialek stay in the car? In all candor, I have been in similar situations where unwanted and aggressive advances were made upon me. My reaction, get the hell out of dodge. Ms. Bialek says Cain and she were in the car when he grabbed her. When she made it clear that no means no, he backed off and drove her back to the hotel. Let me get this straight. Ms. Bialek went up to DC to get help from Mr. Cain in her job search. She goes out to dinner with him and afterwards while sitting in his car near the National Restaurant Association building, Cain moves on her. Ms. Bialek says no, Cain stops, and she allows him to drive her back to the hotel. Now the NRA building is near the corner of M Street and 17th, this is a VERY active place for cabs. But Ms. Bialek doesn't get out of the car and take a cab back to the hotel, she allows Cain to drive her to the hotel? I have a problem with that. She was "embarrassed" and did not file charges because she did not work for the NRA? I have a problem with that too. Ms. Bialek's behavior does not impress me. Not with the company she keeps (Allred) nor with the details of her story. If someone tried to push my head into their crotch, I would not have remained another second in their car - especially in the center of DC where other means of getting back to the hotel are readily available. The jury is still out and if the other women wish to give details, I'm willing to hear them but Ms. Bialek does not seem entirely credible to me. Fourth accuser urges Herman Cain to ‘come clean’ about harassment Cain Accuser Speaks (Update: Cain Campaign Responds) Update: Video Added (Update: Previous Accuser Corroborates?) Why We Should Be Unfair to Herman Cain

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  1. I've often had the experience that the published version doesn't ring true if one knows the local geography.