Thursday, September 15, 2011

Unions By The Numbers

This post by the great Jonah Goldberg from National Review Online's The Corner was so compelling, that I am posting it in full below (YIKES):
Unions By The Numbers By Jonah Goldberg
Via Labor Union Report:

Financial Information
Annual Dues Paid to Unions: $8,217,838,676
Total Union Assets: $8,804,794,935

Total Spending
Representational Activities: $4,081,097,858
Political Activities: $579,624,489
External Contributions: $321,121,214
Overhead: $3,905,927,269
Unions that fail to pass Department of Labor audits: 92%

Union Officials
Total union officers and staff members: 173,503 people
Total compensation paid to union officials and officers: $1,141,540,980
Total compensation paid to union employees: $2,562,757,481

Major Unions with White Presidents: 94%
Major Unions with Male Presidents: 89%

Labor Law Violations
Unfair Labor Practices filed against unions in the last 10 years: 65,529
Duty of Fair Representation 32,235
Hiring Halls 2,236
Actions of Picketers 1,742
Union Security Related (including Beck) 1,636
Coercive Statements 1,376

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