Thursday, September 15, 2011

Now Times That By 50

New Study: Romneycare Cost Massachusetts 18,000 Jobs Okay so if RomneyCare cost the Bay State 18,000 jobs, do we simply multiply that by 50 to figure out what ObamaCare will cost the nation (900,000)? Or do we figure the percentage of RomneyCare unemployed relative the population of Mass (6,547,629) and then apply that percentage to the whole nation (311,800,000) which would equal 857,165 unemployed people nationwide.

Now, I know this is so absurdly simply an extrapolation to be utterly useless but then again ask yourself can the country afford to lose any more jobs due to an unnecessary and asinine law?

Oh and if you want any more reasons to want Obamacare repealed check out this hell here: CLASS-less Behavior as it is yet another emerging scandal for Obama along with the Fast & Furious cover-up and the Solydra fiasco.

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