Friday, September 2, 2011

TEA Party Debt Commission & One of the Four Freedoms

From Instapundit comes the following reporting -
TEA PARTY DEBT COMMISSION UPDATE: David Kirkham of the Utah Tea Party emails: “We are about to start the Tea Party Debt Commission meeting. Standing room only. There must be 200 people crammed in here. I am one of 12 national members on the commission (to mirror the 12 congressional members). Our kick off meeting is in Salt Lake City tonight. The people are suggesting solutions to our nation’s debt problem. This is exciting.”

To coin a phrase, this is what democracy looks like.

UPDATE: A followup email: “The line to speak is out the door. There is a lot of passion in this room. The politicians don’t see us rallying in the streets because we are rallying in meetings and on campaign staffs. Our greatest hope is they underestimate our resolve to get our government spending under control.” Indeed. Another photo below.

And reader Tom Brosz emails: “The second photo immediately reminded me of Norman Rockwell’s ‘Freedom of Speech’ painting, part of his ‘Four Freedoms’ series.”

For your reference, this is the picture Mr. Brosz is refering to -

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