Friday, September 23, 2011

Obama's Scandal Sheet 09/23/11

Yes, I can lay these at Obama's feet because he's supposed to be the leader. Even if he was completely unaware of these activities and never sanctioned them, once exposed it is his duty and obligation to denounce them and punish those who committed the acts. His abject failure to do this ultimately lays them and their results at his feet. Holder’s hell week. More Fast & Furious fallout Issa is doing hero's work here. US Justice Department obstructing 'Fast and Furious' gun probe, ATF director says Dead federal retirees are paid $120 million annually, report says Study: Obamacare will jack premiums up 55%-85% Judge questions honesty of Interior Department scientists Obama’s NASA: Leading From Behind In Rush to Assist a Solar Company, U.S. Missed Signs The AFL-CIO Defends Union Violence As A ‘Legitimate’ Union Activity… No Political Opportunity Left Behind Who flashes that kind of bling when their husband is responsible for putting so many Americans out of work. Michelle does. Michelle Obama dazzles New York in $42,150 diamond bracelets (and puts young jeweller on the map)

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