Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Obama Gaffe

New gaffe: Obama hails America's historic building of 'the Intercontinental Railroad'
“A railroad between continents? A railroad from, say, New York City all the way across the Atlantic to France? Now, THAT would be a bridge! It’s yet another humorous gaffe by the Harvard graduate, overlooked by most media for whatever reason. Like Obama saying Abraham-Come-Lately Lincoln was the founder of the Republican Party. Or Navy corpseman. Or the Austrian language. Fifty-seven states. The president of Canada. Etc.”
Mr. Reynolds (aka Instapundit (hat-tip)) - "WHOEVER’S PROGRAMMING HIS TELEPROMPTER MUST BE A GOP MOLE" I think Glenn Reynolds' caption of this headline pretty much sums up the proper reaction to this latest gaffe. That is if you are willing to put aside the complete MSM ignoring of this and all his other gaffes - which is insulting, alarming, and irresponsible on the MSM's part. And speaking of the MSM (because I love beating dead horses), this little tidbit has come out of Gallup. Majority in U.S. Continues to Distrust the Media, Perceive Bias. More perceive liberal bias than conservative bias

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