Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Economic Woes 06-22

Never Did Get A Job From A Poor Man

Ayn Rand Was Right: Wealthy Are on Strike Against Obama

Boosting unions & killing jobs

The Real U.S. Fiscal Crisis Is Joblessness

New Report Offers Grim or Grimmer Picture of Nation's Long-Term Debt

Why the Jobs Situation Is Worse Than It Looks. We now have more idle men and women than at any time since the Great Depression

44% of Americans Worse Off Under Obama

Are you better off than you were four years ago? As Obama talks war, Americans see economic gloom: 66% wrong track and only 23% sense any recovery

Poll Shows More Americans Say They Are Worse Off Than 2 Years Ago

We now have more idle men and women than at any time since the Great Depression

Why 2011 is much worse than 2008 Leaders want time; bankers want capital; investors want out

QE2 Proves No Silver Bullet

Who really benefited from QE2 anyway?

CBO: Yeah, America is drowning in debt

CBO: Government faces fiscal crisis over borrowing

Home sales fall to 2011 low; few 1st-time buyers

Laughing AT Him, Not WITH Him: Disappearing Laughter at the White House

More than they've got - How Much Money Do States Need to Make Unions Happy?

Obama vs. ATMs: Why Technology Doesn't Destroy Jobs Doing more with less is what economic growth is all about.

Another 'Jobs bill' sinks after Senate vote

Nope. Did Obama Really Prevent A Second Great Depression?

Debt crisis? What crisis?

CBO Report: U.S. Budget Outlook ‘Daunting’

General Motors Rapidly Becoming a Taxpayer-Funded, Disingenuous Leftist Entity

Rick Perry vs. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Aka the benefits of deregulation - Fewer Laws Make Better Beer in Japan

Tax Writers Caution That Raising Revenue Now Could Hurt Tax Overhaul Later

Cash buyers are kings in weak home-sales market

The Fed - Wrong in the 70s and Wrong Today

That's One Big Tax Bill, Chicago

Washington Post editorial board condemns Obama’s NLRB, favors Boeing

Liberate ATMs and Credit Unions to Jumpstart Jobs

Obama Agencies Announce Massive Attack on American Job Creators

Forget economics, politics rules today’s markets

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