Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daily Round-Up 06-22 Updated

The 'Jim Crow' Lie How could asking for ID be discriminatory only when it comes to voting?


Ten GOP sens. vow no debt-ceiling hike without balanced-budget amendment

Bachmann surges to primary lead

Gov. Rick Perry Fires Up Missouri Republicans at Peter Kinder Fundraiser

Hannity Can’t Believe Breitbart Continues to Confront Leftist Mobs

UPDATE My husband really likes this guy OOPs, my husband doesn't like Huntsman, he likes Gary Johnson whom I heard talking on Fox News this morning and have decided I don't like him because he refered to himself in the third person. - Huntsman joins WH race, promising jobs, civility Of course, that the media likes him is a black mark in my book and Michelle Malkin's - He's the liberal media's favorite conservative. As other commentators have pointed out, if Huntsman gets the nomination, that same media will turn on him as fast as they did their previous "republican" favorite, McCain.


In Indiania Planned Parenthood stops seeing Medicaid patients

The War Against Girls Since the late 1970s, 163 million female babies have been aborted by parents seeking sons

Minn. pro-life club no longer aborted from campus life

Opposition mounts against Baltimore ordinance that targets pregnancy care centers

Al Gore Calls for Women to Have Fewer Children (eugenics in green clothing?)

Prague: Parliament puts ‘Czech’ on cheap abortions for foreigners

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