Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Think I'm On The "Father's" Side

Jilted ex-boyfriend puts up abortion billboard

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  1. You know, Chris, I respect your opinion and sentiments on this one. But I think this billboard, and your reaction, speaks to a grave problem-- absence of personal responsibility. This is just one of a gazillion examples of how shirking responsibility for your own actions is bringing down what was once the greatest place on Earth.

    Let’s look at this example. You come out swinging for “The Father” so we begin with his actions and behavior.

    “Jilted boyfriend” shouldn’t have had unprotected sex with “The Mother.” (And she is not a “mother”-- there is no child.) Assuming he did use protection, and that protection failed, what sort of relationship did they have such that she became pregnant and did not inform him and give him the opportunity to raise their child? By the way, he refers to the aborted child as “my” baby, as if “The Mother” had nothing to do with the life within her.

    When a man and a woman make love-- ha!-- there is always the possibility that their actions will be fruitful. If they do not want, for whatever reasons, to bear fruit, there are actions that will minimize the probability. Catholics have figured these out.

    Which brings us to “The Mother.” Deplorable.

    Neither you nor I know the particulars of the miscarriage/abortion of this potential human being, or the intimate details of “The Mother” and the “Jilted Boyfriend’s” relationship. But I think we can agree that neither of them acted responsibly. Seems to me, they just act minute to minute, day to day. And then someone says, “Hey, dude, that’s wrong. You should put up a billboard.” And a minute later... .