Friday, June 10, 2011

Brooking's Biased

College-educated immigrants outnumber unskilled immigrants

Wow, Brookings tipped it's bias right out in the open in the first sentence of this article - "A new Brookings report finds that college-educated immigrants now outnumber those who enter the United States with just a high school degree."

I'd love to completely fisk the crud right out of this poorly disguised rational for loose immigration but I have to take the kids to the school bus soon.

Suffice it to say that this "report" was based on Census data which has a 10 to 20% undercounting of illegal immigrants and Brookings could not separate out the legal immigrants from the illegal ones. Additionally, most illegals immigrants do not have even a high school education so comparing college-educated (not graduated, simply educated) and high school degrees is a red herring. It is basicly comparing two relatively small parts of our huge illegal immigration problem.

I have no problem with immigrants being married to one. I do have a huge problem with illegal immigrants. Everyone who comes to this country "through the front doo" is as "American" as I am and my family came in 1634. Anyone who tries to sneak in the back door needs to go home.

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  1. Great post. I too don't have a problem with legal immigrants, I am the child of one, ut CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS have no legitimate business here in this country and need to be kicked out. I don't care if they are smart or dumb, they need to leave.
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