Saturday, May 14, 2011

In Economic Woes 05-14

Never did get a job from a poor man.

Stop stepping on employers and they will step up, Mr. President

Dead Hand of Governent Impoverishes the Middle Class

The vanishing middle class

Gee I wonder why? Boeing and the Union Berlin Wall Between 2000 and 2008, 4.8 million Americans moved from forced union states to right-to-work states—that's one person every minute of every day.

Fannie Mae Pumps and Dumps

Inflation Is Already Here

CEO of Caterpillar Gives President Obama an "F" on Job Creation

Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s CEO on Creating Jobs and Government Regulations

CNBC's Kernen: Fed Now Doing More Harm Than Good

CBO: Our 2001 Ten-Year Budget Projection Was Off by $11.8 Trillion

Much Ado About Gas Prices. The solution is real tax reform.

The Coming Postal Bailout Congress wants taxpayers to save mail worker pensions.

Redistribution of Income: Not From the Rich to the Poor But From the Young to the Old

New Yorkers under 30 plan to flee city, says new poll; cite high taxes, few jobs as reasons

Regulators Pledge More Clarity on Systemically Important Firms

Americans oppose raising debt ceiling by more than 2-1 in Gallup survey

Americans Have Hit The Ceiling Over Debt

The Armageddon Lobby. The real fiscal catastrophe vs. political melodrama.

Some Thoughts on Threats Of Imminent Default Coming from Treasury

Geithner Predicts Double-Dip if Congress Fails to Lift Debt Ceiling

What If the U.S. Treasury Defaults? 'People aren't going to wonder whether 20 years ago we delayed an interest payment for six days. They're going to wonder whether we got our house in order.'

Longtime Tax Breaks May Get Booted by the Budget

Post Chairman Questioned on Profits, Federal Subsidies, Lobbying, and Bias

Washington the Biggest Risk to Recovery

California's Tax Revolt—In Favor of Higher Rates Education spending and student-teacher ratio are about where they were in 2004. The real problem is that tax dollars are being diverted for teacher benefits.

Retail Sales Growth in U.S. Slows as Gas Costs Depress Consumer Confidence

Rising Gas and Food Prices Push U.S. Inflation Higher

Social Security deficits now ‘permanent’

Medicare, Social Security Funds Expiring Sooner, U.S. Says

A Grim(mer) Outlook for Medicare, Social Security

Social Security, Medicare burning through funds

Ten Thousand Commandments 2011

What Is The Purpose Of The Euro? It provides a common currency throughout Europe; its only problem is the incompetence of the European Central Bank.

IMF warns EU debt crisis may still spread to core

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