Monday, May 9, 2011

Facebook Round-Up 05-09

The Case Against President Obama's Health Care Reform: A Primer for Nonlawyers I got this in the dead-tree mail and thought it very readable.

The hunger to come in Egypt

From East Coast to West Coast, Bureaucrats Are Ripping Off Taxpayers

Cronyism matters -- Conservatives and libertarians need to pay more attention to it

Robert Murphy of San Francisco Is a Despicable Thief

Gosh he is such a turd - Waxman breaks own rule by outing whistleblower at NRC hearing

Barney Frank's Latest Bad Idea

Gov. Bobby Jindal releases his birth certificate

I think this is an excellent idea - Welfare drug test bill heads to Fla. Gov. Scott. Recipients who test positive for drugs would lose their benefits for a year. If they fail a second time, they lose the benefits for three years. Parents who test positive must designate another adult to receive benefits on behalf of their children.

Do Budget Deficits Threaten American Competitiveness? Dan Mitchell vs. the Establishment

93% of 8th graders, and at least 50% of New York’s Senate representation, can’t name branches of government

Europeanizing American Space Activities by Stealth. Obama is proposing to bind the U.S. by executive order to a European "Code of Conduct" for space activities that would stifle missile defense and open our commercial space industry to the prying eyes of competitors.

"The consequences of the minimum wage for this subgroup were more harmful than the consequences of the recession."

Once again another stupid enviro-solution is another bad idea. Assessment of the Potential for Cross-Contamination of Food Products by Reusable Shopping Bags. So not only are those "reusable" bags most likely made by chinese child-labor but can also kill you. Awesome.

Green movement is a false prophet

Inflation Deniers See Nothing!

The audacity of irresponsibility: Confronting the fallout of a failing economy

The Best Media Writer at the NYT. But can Virginia Heffernan keep her voice?

Moore’s Law Lives: the Future Is Still Alive. Why your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren are going to be a whole lot better than they might have been.

Five times the conspiracy theories turned out to be true

DOJ deflects Gunrunner, Fast and Furious blame to local officials

Washington Post managing editor claims objectivity, tweets bias

‘Burn a Bush’? Michelle Obama invites rapper Common to a poetry reading

United Teachers of Los Angeles, "Shut this country down!" May Day 5/1/2011

If the Coalition doesn't reform the NHS it will never get control of its budget

The humiliation of the YES campaign Congratulations Matthew!

A new world religion backed by the United Nations

Ground Zero for Human Rights

Sister of 9/11 victim presses Obama on ending investigation into CIA interrogators

Obama’s National Mileage Tax Is a Bad Idea

Britain’s Islamic Fundamentalists have gone too far

Lessons of History: The Great Irish Famine

The Reluctant Assassination of Osama

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