Friday, May 20, 2011

Gas Price Rationing Has Started

Today, I was filling up my minivan when the gas pump stopped at $75. Exactly. When I tried to "top off", the pump wouldn't budge. Gas Price Rationing has begun.

Last time gas prices were about $4 as they are now, I noticed that all the gas stations I went to shut their pumps off at $75. When I inquired, I was told that the gas pumps do that to prevent stealing.

Bull Ploop.

If that were the case then how do people with bigger gas tanks than my car (about 23 gallons) such as trucks and RVs tank up?

This is gas price rationing.

They aren't limiting the gallons, just how much you can buy in one go. It makes sense because last time gas approached $4 a gallon, there were many reports of SUV drivers stealing gas. But interestingly, I haven't heard of those reports in this area this go round. I don't blame the gas stations for wanting to protect themselves but I do not like the presumption of limiting my gas intake either. If gas costs so much that I need almost $100 to tank up, then I want to buy $100 worth of gas.

But if word got out that you can only buy $75 of gas at a time, then we'd have 1970s gas lines again.

Well, I'm putting the word out because if a gas station wants my business, it damn well better want all my business and not some portion of it.

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