Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daily Round-Up 05-24

President Obama’s top ten insults against Britain – 2011 edition

Dem in NY-26 Race Doesn't Live in District, Can't Vote


University Poll: Fox News Most Trusted News Source

The tea party is here to stay in Utah's political races

In Senate, Eye-For-An-Eye Filibuster Stops Democratic Nominee

58% of Americans Believe the Country Would Be No Different or Better Off If Congress Met Every Two Years

Tea Party movement likely to have unglamorous but effective future


The myth of Sarah Palin’s stupidity

Open Records Requests Uncovers Abuse Of Same-Day Registration In Wisconsin

Automotive Black Boxes, Minus the Gray Area

Lawmakers Concerned About Ex-IMF Director's 'Golden Parachute'

Immigration and ‘Secure Communities’

Supreme Court's Scary Power Grab

Christie’s Education Reforms Run Afoul of Supreme Court (the ruling, not Christie)

It was a stupid mistake. Let's hope he corrects it. Cain pushes back on Muslim comments again

New York Power Company Charges Town Honoring War Hero Flag Fee

AP sources: DNA matches Strauss-Kahn in sex attack BUT New York police deny Strauss-Kahn DNA report

Tax cheats among recipients of stimulus money

Herman Cain Says GOP Gives Him No Respect

On path to riches, no sign of fluffy majors


Herman Cain: This is "Our" Campaign

Pawlenty calls for phasing out ethanol subsidies -- in Iowa AND In Florida, Pawlenty calls for entitlement reform

Georgia Moms Revolt Against New City Law That Limits Breastfeeding in Public

All 47 Senate Republicans Rip Democrats' Budget Cowardice

Why Scott Walker Drives Liberals Crazy


Of Course: Obama Administration Will Oppose Indiana's Anti-Planned Parenthood Move

Christine Stansell’s Slanted History

Study shows girls increasingly aborted in India

Gallup: 61 Percent Say All or Most Abortions Should Be Illegal

Why Are Some Pro-Choicers Ruing Roe?

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