Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 05-24

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Zogby 2012 Presidential Election: 52 Percent Say 'Time for Someone New'

Cain Takes Lead Over Romney

Newt Crashes to Near Zero

58% of Americans Believe the Country Would Be No Different or Better Off If Congress Met Every Two Years

Obama White House Bans Newspaper For Printing a Mitt Romney Op Ed

New Position At The White House: Unfavorable Online Media Czar

WH Hires "Negative Story" Squasher

Richard Milhous Obama?

An Anti-Israel President The president's peace proposal is a formula for war.

Obama's land swap surprise. Perhaps the most stunning element of Netanyahu’s Washington trip is the degree to which he was surprised by Obama.

Powerful Netanyahu Speech Rebukes Obama in Front of Congress AND Bibi Schools Obama On Mideast Reality AND Bibi 4, Obama 1

President Obama’s top ten insults against Britain – 2011 edition

Oh for Pity's Sake! - President Obama Has No Idea What Year It Is And here

Feeding North Korea's madness

Conservative group hits Labor Dept. with FOIA request for cost of iPhone app development

“Don’t look now, Latinos. But you’ve been stung.”

Thomas Sowell - Dependency and Votes. “Entitlement” is just another word for “dependency.

President Obama’s Excellent Idea

A Superfluous Federal Agency Is Caught Discriminating — Again! This latest scandal involving ugly discrimination against a dedicated member of the military is just another outrageous example of why Congress should shut down the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

Hey, sometimes we love federalism

Lies and the decline of the League of Women Voters

Political Candidates Ignore Social Media at their Peril

Thomas Sowell - Dependency and Votes. “Entitlement” is just another word for “dependency.

Federal Spending Expands Governance by Bureaucracy

Snowe’s a ‘No’ on the Ryan Budget

League of Women Voters = DNC in hairnets*

All Eyes on NY-26 Republicans are bracing themselves to lose a House seat carried by John McCain.

What Obama's Political Team Thinks of the Republican Field

The Self-Destructing Republican Party?

Don't Let Liberal Establishment Choose Our Candidates

Documents Raise Questions about Kagan’s Role in Obamacare Defense

Facebook upgrade spurs fears of political bias

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