Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Junk Science 03-08

Penn State whitewashed ClimateGate

Team Obama's crude response

Eerie Coincidences in Failure of NASA Climate Monitoring Satellites. The failure of two NASA satellites built to study climate change raises the unlikely — but still possible — specter of sabotage.
As improbable a scenario as it is, the coincidence does seem quite eerie. And at stake is not just three-quarters of a billion dollars worth of satellites, but the continuing debate over our role in earth’s climate and the appropriate political response to it.

UK electricity CEO: Get used to not having any electricity, suckas!

Maryland Ratepayers Told to Break Wind, and Other News Items

FoodPolitik: Chewing on 40 years of food policing

Global Warming By Another Name. Obama's clean energy boondoggle will be expensive for America

Politicians, it seems, have killed the traditional Easy-Bake Oven.

Tea Party senator says White House is 'hell-bent' on 'suicidal' energy policy

We Must Restore Abundance as the Cornerstone of Our Federal Water and Power Policies

Opposition To Offshore Drilling Ban Rises to 55%

NPR officers compare deniers of climate change to birthers and flat earth believers

Salazar appeals court decision forcing him to act on drilling permits

NPR Exec: Tea Partiers Are ‘White, Middle America, Gun-Toting Racists’

Ethanol a dilemma for GOP field in Iowa

Meet the lobbyist who turns 'green' into greenbacks.

Meet the New Ethanol: Wind Blows Past Corn as Subsidy King, No End in Sight

The wages of green spin

When Energy Efficiency Sullies the Environment

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