Tuesday, March 8, 2011

General Bad Behavior 03-08

I don't see why not, we'd be thrown in jail - Federal employees who don’t pay their taxes should be fired

MMFA Attacks Muslim Veteran Dr. Zudhi Jasser … For Being American

The Internet kill switch rebooted. Big-government politicians push for online equivalent of TSA

Our betrayal of the Lockerbie victims returns to haunt us Britain, seen as weak and untrustworthy, can offer no meaningful show of strength in Libya, writes Boris Johnson

Some Very Bad American Habits

Darpa Chief Owns Stock in Darpa Contractor

Moody's: More Public Colleges Will Declare Exigency

UK electricity CEO: Get used to not having any electricity, suckas!

Public Education: Progressive Indoctrination Camps

New York, Connecticut, and the Plan to Take Away Your Guns

Morning Bits

Oregon State: Republican candidate’s children expelled as retribution? AND This

Can't say I'd blame him - Father of Murdered 5-Year-Old Says He'll Make Sure Killer Suffers Same Fate

Wisconsin, Ohio Should Take Note of Detroit Leadership

FoodPolitik: Chewing on 40 years of food policing

First the Public Service, Then Endless Litigation

Scientist Imam threatened over Darwinist views

Repeat of 1859 Carrington Event would devastate modern world, experts say

Wisconsin Lt. Gov: We're Tired of Being Jerked Around

According to the United Nations there are far more men on the planet than women. The gender gap is especially pronounced in Asia. In this week’s Newsweek Niall Ferguson looks at the ominous rise of a bachelor generation.

Sarah Palin's Father: "We sleep with the guns"

The Real Reason the ATF Smuggled Guns Into Mexico

Qaddafi meets Harvard: Do all college professors love dictators?

NPR, PBS campaigns to keep federal funds called unlawful

Insider trading at the Department of Education.

Jewish student sues UC Berkeley for not protecting her

Why Fire Teachers?

The Intellectual as Courtier

Even Legal Mental Work Getting Automated

Another Blow to the Constitution

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