Tuesday, December 7, 2010

War on Consumers Continues

Sniffing out injustice

What ever you do, don't get sick.

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  1. As an allergy sufferer who gets sinus infections every fall winter & spring, the hassle over Sudafed has been a real headache - literally. Fortunately, here in NY I just have to show my license & fill out a form, after standing on line at the pharmacy counter (ugh) to get it, but if it's after hours when I get sick & discover I'm out, it's a snotty mess. That phenyline (sp) crap doesn't work at all, especially if you're like me & your head congestion messes up your ears too.
    They also try to keep you from giving cold meds to your kids now to make them feel better even though it works, because stupid people didn't read the labels & OD'd children they were too stupid to ever deserve to have custodial care over.