Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random Round-Up 12-08

President Obama Job Approval

ARGH - House Democrats tack controversial food-safety bill to spending measure

This kinda sums up my evolution as well - Sooner or later you have to join the side you’re on

The top U.S. banks are bigger than ever. Do they pose a threat to the economy?


Birther of The Nation You'll never believe how upset the hard left is at President Obama.. Oh honey, we're all angry at Obama.

Sharpton wants FCC to take Limbaugh off the air

Save the North Koreans!

While his base rages, Obama faces tax-cut reality

The Economic Incompetence Of The Political Class

Small-Biz Killers

I don't really want to think about the democrats position on this at all. Stop And Think About The Ridiculousness Of The Democrats' Position On Taxes

AIG, U.S. Treasury Plan Stock Sale

10-Year Work Permits for Millions - millions of illegal immigrants that is. Given the current unemployment rate for native Americans, this should be another nail in the DREAM Act's coffin.

Freeze Taxes, Freeze Spending, and Go Home

Porker poker? Harry Reid tries to add online poker to tax bill Nope, just Reid's payback to the SEIU casino workers who coughed up big money to get him re-elected.

Walter Williams' Memoir

Anything that hurts unions is a good thing. A union in and of itself isn't necessarily bad, just that they no longer work to protect the workers. O'Sullivan's Law is in effect. Wis. Governor-Elect raises prospect of union decertification to balance budget

Why Pigford Matters

Black Farmers Advocacy Helped Get Obama Elected for Pushing Pigford II; Says BFAA ‘Rural ACORN’ Video

Pigileaks: The Pigford Applications

Why Do the Poor Stay Poor?

Of course he does - Obama Opens The Door To Raid Social Security

Warren Buffett, Robber Baron?

Quite frankly, this messing with the internet is merely a reflection of the Left's hatred of innovation and lack-of-control. The single most innovative and helpful invention of the last 40 years and they want to put their grubby fingers all over it and ruin everything for the rest of us. FCC's pay-as-you-go Internet plan raises video, access questions

Of course he is - Suspect in Baltimore Bombing Plot Is an American Convert to Islam

President Obama's Scorecard on Promises Kept, Broken

Liberal Math

Elites Should Blame Selves, Not Obama, for Believing His Messianic Pretensions

Why Obama can't shake Bush

But I love Walmart (not as much as Nordstrom Rack but I do care) Homeland Security & Walmart Team Up To Fight Terrorism In The Checkout Line

Pelosi escalates criticism of tax-cut deal. She really is a turd, isn't she?

Crisis in the States

The 10 Biggest Conservative Stand-Outs of 2010

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