Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tax-Payer Funded Propaganda

The rest of the story on those Andy Griffith Obamacare ads
And here’s another interesting twist in this emerging scandal. The new documents also show that the public relations firm Porter Novelli produced the advertising campaign.

One of these documents lists the Porter Novelli staff involved in producing the advertisements and details that former Obama campaign spokesperson Catherine “Kiki” McLean contributed 21 hours of her time to the project.

Porter Novelli’s website notes McLean served as a “senior adviser to the Hillary Clinton for President campaign and appeared as an on-air surrogate for the Obama for America campaign.”

The campaigns of John Kerry and Al Gore are also listed on her resume. She is currently the senior partner, global head of public affairs, and managing director for Porter Novelli.

In other words, McLean is a long-time Democratic PR spin master and an Obama insider. And it looks like she was intimately involved in the contract for these misleading ads.

At a time when the government desperately needs to tighten its belt, taxpayers and principled members of Congress should be outraged that the Obama administration has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on this propaganda campaign.

Even Barney Fife would see that these Obamacare ads are bogus.

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