Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Round-Up 12-02

President Obama Job Approval

BWAHAHA - With Kirk's swearing-in, GOP formally claims Obama's old seat

Holder must go - Dems Should Seek Eric Holder’s Resignation

Reality Isn't Negotiable: The Government Can't Raise More than 19% in Taxes for Long

11 Statistics That Reveal Just How Far The U.S. Economy Has Fallen Over The Past Four Years

Pigford and New Black Panthers: Friends at DOJ

Food Safety Measure Would Give Small Farmers Indigestion. The "Food Safety Modernization Act" would not appreciably improve the safety of the food supply in the U.S., but it would create an army of regulators with TSA-like authority over agriculture.

Tea-Party Message in the House

My father was close friends with gay couple who've been together for over 30 years, one of whom was an FBI border patrol agent. DADT is nonsense, shows little understanding about the decency of our military, and this report agrees. “He’s big, he’s mean, and he kills lots of bad guys”: The DADT Report

Why I May Filibuster New START

Can Republicans Talk?: Part II

Obama backtracks on plan to open more Gulf waters to offshore drilling

Tell me something I don't know - Jeb Bush Says Sarah Palin Is 'Fantastic'

Media Matters Lies About Media Coverage of Sarah Palin North Korea Slip
If there’s a lesson to be learned from Media Matters ginning up a political hit only to follow it up later with commentary that Sarah Palin is delusional, it’s this: reporters relying on Media Matters for accuracy are setting themselves up to be played for fools

Is California's Decline Just More Right-Wing Propaganda?

"Leak Czar"? - W.H. creates post to analyze leaks

There's One Housing Market Is Holding Onto Its Bubble Gains Better Than Any Other

Nancy Pelosi's Unwelcome Christmas Gift A couple earning $80,000 could lose hundreds per month if the Bush tax rates aren't extended.

Who Knew the Economy Was So Dependent on Unemployment?

Wikileaks Sheds Light on Government Ineptitude

'This is Why the American People Have Thrown You Out of Power'

‘Chicken Crap’ Or, One More Bit of Procedural Chicanery for Old Time’s Sake

Motion Asking Judge Reinhardt to Recuse Himself from the Prop. 8 Case And his response, here.

Did the TSA Back Down?

Fed ID's companies that used crisis aid programs - Big Foreign Banks

Citizen Journalists Forcibly Removed From Van Jones “Open To The Public” Event

Why the Tea Party resonates with human dignity

California Pension System Hits Local Governments With 55% Rate Increase for Next 19 Years

None Dare Call It Treason

Democrats’ Diversity Problem

As Instapundit puts it - IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR, PEOPLE WHO PERFORMED THIS BADLY WOULD BE FIRED, IN JAIL, OR SUED INTO BANKRUPTY. OR ALL THREE. A Month After Elections, 200,000 Votes Found. Shockingly, it appears the found votes will help the ACORN-affiliated “Working Families Party.”

Rahm's Residency

Very brave - Muslim Columnist: U.K. Rape Gang Case Exposes ‘Disgusting Cultural Beliefs’

GOP to upend spending process

Former Trial Lawyer Appointed to Oversee Industry He Sued for a Living

Media Daily Scoreboard

Ted Strickland: Democrats Suffering From 'Intellectual Elitism'

Report: Giant life insurance lobby key force behind estate tax

Read This Before Voting on the DREAM Act AND Reid Angers GOP by Pushing Four Versions of DREAM Act Without Hearing

The Danger of a Global Double Dip Recession Is Real AND CHART OF THE DAY: It's Confirmed, The Housing Double Dip Is Here

Minimum Wage, Maximum Folly

House Democrats Vote To Saddle Small Businesses With A Job-Killing Tax Hike

Lame ducks should stop quacking and go home

"Politics As Warfare"

Are We Entering Another Phase of Financial Crisis?

Law Center Designates Conservative Pro-Family Organizations ‘Hate Groups’

The Nation Posts a Narrow Apology. And Publishes Another Error.

Just noticing now Bloomberg? - NYC mayor: Obama has broken campaign promises

Obama’s Fiscal Commission Misleads with Dishonest Washington Budget Math

You stay classy Keith - Keith Olbermann Mines Ancient History to Name Bristol Palin ‘Worst Person in the World’

OKC Mayor Sacks Lingerie Football!’s Nanny of the Month (Nov 2010)

Obama faces newly elected governors

Swiss voters approve harsher deportation plan

Kinston Voting-Rights Case Heads to Federal Court

Fed aid in financial crisis went beyond U.S. banks to industry, foreign firms

Too Big to Succeed

Foreclosure-gate and the injustice of lawyer regulation

A Lame-Duck Congress Stuck on Stupid

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