Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Round-Up 12-13

President Obama Job Approval

From our friend Boris who is a wolf in sheepdog's clothing - Snooty Europhiles should be forced to crawl in penitence. The 'blimpish Little Englanders’ who opposed monetary union were right all along

New WikiLeaks Document Dump Targets Liberal Media – Part 1

To revive the economy, pull back the red tape

Government Unions vs. Taxpayers The moral case for unions—protecting working families from exploitation—does not apply to public employment.

“Cultural Defenses” and Incest

I blame Reid for a lot of things - Blame Reid, Not Republicans, for ‘Obstructionism’

Kicking the Medicare can -- again

Swindle of the year

The Hawkeye Handouts The tax bill is becoming a favor festival, starting with ethanol.

Good! Dems could miss last chance to pass their own agenda

Cynical beyond belief. Media Creates New Palin Scandal! Sarah Accused of Bringing Hairdresser on Haiti Trip "That's right, what the Palin-hating AP and others fail to report is that the "hair stylist" is Bristol Palin."

Political class, Middle America headed in opposite directions on economy

Bewildering Media Non-Reaction: Obama/Clinton Presser, Socialist Sanders’ Filibuster

After 25 years, time has come to clean up the tax code (again)

Tea Party-backed freshmen win plum committee assignments

Forget the Rich, Let's Increase the Tax Base!

ObamaCare: Flight of the MDs

Everyone Hates Ethanol Subsidies. Why Can't We Get Rid of Them?

Media Demands That President Obama Start “Acting Black” If you remember the "Not Black Enough" debacle, this isn't really news.

The Crisis of the Middle

Another Failed Climate Conference

Virginia Federal Judge to Rule on Constitutionality of ObamaCare

Virginia emerges as a bellwether

Obamacare Heads to Court This Week

The Dems' Crackup

If China Blows Up, So Will Every Other Market

Climate Change and Biodiversity

Yes, ObamaCare Still Worse Than You Thought

Obama Signing Child Nutrition Bill Into Law

Eagle concerns stymie wind farms

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