Sunday, December 12, 2010

Random Round-Up 12-12

President Obama Job Approval

Emergency Rooms: The Canary in the Health Care Coal Mine

Arsonist Strikes on Cape Cod, Leaves Calling Card: 'F--k the Rich'

The Collapse of the Guantanamo Myth This week a Democratic Congress ratified Bush-era policy by refusing to fund any effort to shut the detention facility.

Christie Going After Tenure in Fight With Teachers’ Union

Big Government Economics Is Dead (Again)

Middle America's Economic Woes

Who said? Can you guess which voice of moderation on the Left said this? “In 2012, the Republicans will have their nasty little primary, which will basically be mean people fighting dumb people. So after about two years of this stuff, we’re going to start looking pretty good to people again.” Answer: Van Jones: We are coming for the media and that’s not all

What happens next in the tax-cut standoff: Three scenarios

Still deaf to the voters

It’s a Wonderful Leftist Life Barry Bailout's transformation of Bedfellow Falls marches on.

One nation, under too many laws

Outrageous public-employee pension obligations kill the city's ability to provide vital services

Pigford’s Original Black Farmers Unhappy Over Massive Fraud – Media Ignores

The Cancun Crack-Up The biggest climate conference achievement: Sun tans.

A GOP quip in need of a GOP policy: how would repealing Obamacare create jobs?

Obama riles Dems by spurning New Deal complacency

Killing Obama’s ‘Build America Bonds’ Is a Big Reason to Like the Tax Deal

Should We Gloat Over Obama’s Childish Behavior?

Gary Becker – The Economist’s Economist

Muslims Save Jews in Untold WWll Story. Exhibit showcases photographs of Albanian Muslims who sheltered Jews during the Holocaust

Subsidy Trains to Nowhere Can we sell you a ticket to Borden? It only costs $4.15 billion.

Excellent Polling Data on Spending Restraint vs. Deficit Reduction

When greens pollute

GOP wants Obama to show his sincerity on earmarks

Wow, Obama's relying on Biden. And I thought the Clinton presser looked bad. As the Ground Shifts, Biden Plays a Bigger Role

It’s a Long Way Down

How to get Julian Assange: U.S. should use aggressive prosecution to charge WikiLeaks villain

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