Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Round-Up 11-14

President Obama Job Approval

Nailed! ACORN Supervisor Convicted for Election Fraud

Rangel 'raided' PACs for 393G

Name That Party: Another Criminal Democrat Goes Unidentified by Old Media

Time to close the open bar in Washington

The Entitlement Crisis

Heath Shuler discusses run for minority leader with CNN

After Struggles, Obama Seeks Lift in Japan

ABC: So that Obama trip to Asia turned out to be a huge bust, huh?

The Liberal Crisis

PJTV Video - Tony Katz, Comically Speaking: Salt, Sugar and Fat, Oh My! Nanny State Sticks Its Nose in Your Food

Expert: past 10 days have been worst of President Obama's 'political life'

Chris Christie's Star Turn Raises National Prospects, Nearly $9 Million for GOP

I want, I want. I need, I need! Virginia Bill Asks For Tea Party License Plate

Stop Smearing Federalism. From consumer advocacy to gay marriage, liberals routinely embrace federalism. So why do they keep comparing it to slavery?

Experts weigh in: Can the economy be saved?

Missouri Dem warns McCaskill against 'disloyalty' to Obama

Will Stealth Spending Decide the 2012 GOP Presidential Primaries?

Get Ready for the Great MERS Whitewash Bill

Barton denies he is using opposition research to upend Upton challenge

Groups Funded by Soros Network Back Soros

Climbing Mount Publishable. The old scientific powers are starting to lose their grip

A bad news week for AGW proponents

PJTV Video - Red, White & Gadsden Yellow: Tea Party Election Influence with FreedomWorks' Matt Kibbe

Bernanke's relationship with GOP deteriorating over Fed decisions

Obama can't get G-20 nations to follow his lead

Means To An End To Big Spending

Left-Winger Tina Brown Heads Daily Beast/Newsweek Merger; A List of Her Liberal Rantings

Fixing errors online needs some correcting at news organizations

Obama Fudges His Afghan Deadline

America Declines To Lead

Embarrassment in Seoul The world won't follow slow-growth, weak-dollar America.

How's that stimulus workin' for ya? A look back.

In her new reality show, it’s obvious Sarah Palin can work the media

Why Wall Street should fear Sarah Palin

Public pension liabilities pose future threat

CNN Claims No Favorites, But MRC Data Shows Campaign Coverage Skewed Left

'New York Times’ Gushes Over Communist Community Center

Four Reasons to Worry About the Newsweek-Daily Beast Deal.

NY's God-awful GOP

Where Will the G.O.P. Go Digging?

One and done: To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection in 2012 AND The WaPo Shivs The One

Axelrod starts Obama's re-election work next year

Class dismissed: Why middle income jobs are not coming back

Bury the Estate Tax for Good

Peggy Noonan - Wrong, Wrong, And Wrong

Surprise, California! Budget Deficit 25 Percent Worse Than a Month Ago

Obama’s Trade Strategy Runs Into Stiff Resistance

Getting our Fiscal House in Order

Can pay, won't pay. America’s most profligate states do not owe as much, proportionately, as Greece. But their politics are just as problematic

American Narcissus. The vanity of Barack Obama

GOP Staking Claim to Obama's Coalition of Voters

Healthcare (October 2010)

Here’s a Woman Fighting Terrorism. With Microloans.

Native American Farmers Shake the Public Money Tree

Fiscal Crises and Imperial Collapse

California's Whooping Cough Epidemic Centered in Rich, White Counties. Only liberal greenies avoid vacinations. Dumbasses.

Obama=Bush? President Obama isn’t the new Carter, but he just might be the new (first) Bush

Study shows reusable bags contain high levels of lead content

Loads of Unions on exemption list - Approved Applications for Waiver of the Annual Limits Requirements of the PHS Act Section 2711 as of November 1, 2010

Long wait for food safety bill may be over

Fed Up: The Cost of Ben Bernanke’s Monetary Kamikaze Mission

Rand Paul: Fiscal commission report doesn't go far enough

Pot and kettle

Shuler on Pelosi: If 'she doesn't step aside, I will challenge her' for top post

Why Isn’t Mexico Rich?

No Camelot 2.0 The decline of liberal idealism.

Media Research Center: Bachmann and other conservative women treated unfairly by mainstream media

“The First Amendment, well how quaint!”

Two Wonks with One Plan About Too Much Debt

Democrats' campaign fortunes rise and fall with Obama's popularity

What the Deficit Commission Draft Ignores

The White House vs. science

The Decider returns to haunt Mr Nuance as George W. Bush eclipses Barack Obama

White House Push-Back on Asia Trip Failure Meme

San Francisco mayor vetoes happy meal ban

Investing in a frenzied market. Certain start-up markets may have gotten too hot, but that should be a reminder for investors to find opportunity where the crowd isn't.

An Open Letter to Republican Freshmen Members of Congress

No Country for Burly Men. How feminist groups skewed the Obama stimulus plan towards women's jobs

Barack Obama: the most anti-Israel president ever

We Told You So

Miller: Ballot Fight Rests on Alaska Vote Count

South Park - Obama All Over Again

Is Obama Trying to Turn the Border into the Next ‘Third Rail’? The border is a national security issue, but a defeated Obama is less likely to triangulate than he is to polarize.

Obama panel probes stimulus waste -- at Ritz Carlton

'We're Women. We Were Trained To Be Nice. We Weren't Direct Enough'

The Obamamometer The perfect candidate breaks from script.

Education (September 2010)

This is the Moment

Business community opposes Paycheck Fairness Act

Man up, Media and Open Your Eyes!

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