Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 11-18

President Obama Job Approval

Citizens United Likens Pelosi Election to Fruitcake Regifting

Mirengoff on the Socialism Question

And the DREAM Shall Never Die

You've Got Them All Wrong, Mr. President. Obama's misguided view of the independent voter.

Author of DOJ report targeting NJ Governor Chris Christie has history of using position for political purposes, sources say

Oh that Jim Treacher - Be sure to sign the ‘thank you’ card for Nancy Pelosi

With GOP in control of House of Representatives, committees should begin giving public answers

Time for Holder to go And Commentary From InstaPundit -
And making an even bigger mockery of the whole thing is the Administration’s claim of “post-acquittal detention power.” So the whole thing was just a show trial anyway. Ah, remember the fierce moral urgency of change? Apparently, it was the fierce moral urgency of show trials. But that doesn’t get Holder off the hook. He botched a show trial, after all . . .
President Bush never attempted "post-acquittal detention power" and yet I haven't heard any "BusHitler" assclowns complain that Obama is doing something far, far worse. Typically hypocritical if you ask me.

PJTV Video - Democrats to Obama: Don't Run in 2012

Carville, Greenberg: White House Doesn’t Get It

The George W. Bush Fixation Obama’s fixation on his predecessor could consume his presidency.

Obama’s Gifts to the GOP

Former U.S. attorney targeted in DOJ report seeks apology, correction

Rahm Residency Issue Grows

GOP governors already looking to 2012 election

Freudian slips may haunt Obama

Ethics chief counsel recommends censure for Rangel

Food Fight Breaks Out in Senate

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