Friday, September 3, 2010

Morning Links 09-03

Back to School - Be warned, you WILL cry.

Jackpot Winners Just as Likely to Go Bust. Apparently (and duh), people spend "free" or "found" money differently than earned money. Perhaps the government should consider that when they create bailouts or policies such as welfare, etc.

The End Is Nigh! Mass Extinction Threat: Earth on Verge of Huge Reset Button? Whatever.

Traditional Marriage Perverts the Tradition of Marriage While this article is an interesting discussion of the various changes to the trappings of wedding ceremonies, it neglects to attack the fact that in all instances - including poligamy - the arrangement was always and ultimately between a man and a woman. And while yes there were and are cultures that support poligamy, it is only the wealthy men who can afford more than one wife. We may read about it in the Bible but it was not and is not as common a practice as people think. Also, I refuse to be guided in my thoughts about marriage by a Californian "playwright".

You stay classy AFL-CIO. AFL-CIO president to Sarah Palin: Change or be linked with McCarthyism

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