Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 08-18

President Obama Job Approval

Gallup's Polls.

Polls Show Broad Unpopularity for Obama

Obama hits new polling low

AP Poll: Obama at new low for handling economy

Analysis: Protecting Obama Cost Prosecution Blago Case

Obama's Petulant Presidency

Running Scared - The dreamy VodkaPundit maps it all out for you.

That's so liberal of her - Pelosi Wants Mosque Dissenters Investigated AND Pelosi Tries to "Walk Back" Her Call to Investigate the Mosque Protesters

Chicago Story: A Governor, A Prosecutor, And A Presidential Connection

Sen. Schumer: ‘Sour’ electorate reluctant to give Democrats credit for efforts

Thugs Intimidate Questioners at Illinois Congresswoman’s Town Hall (Video)

Palin Targeting Rep. Etheridge, Slams Him for ‘Turning Violent’

Reid Birthright Video Found

Plus - The Quotable Harry Reid

Congress delays on whistleblowers

Will House Dems risk a rout?

$2.5 Million Stimulus Project to Benefit Congresswoman’s Biggest Donor

What Barack Obama's really saying at all these cross-country stops to collect money

The Forgotten Ban: Obama sticks with DEA nominee Michele Leonhart despite criticism of raids

The Ruling Class Takes Care of Its Own. The excess pay and benefits are outrageous — and unaffordable.

Kerpen and Fund On Lame Duck Threat

Furious Parent Blasts Senator Over Health Care

Champions of Freedom Cruising

Net Neutrality Group Caught Fudging Lobbying Disclosure

They Should Earn Our Trust

Is Harry Reid Un-American? The pro-mosque left has no principles.

It's unanimous, president's visit leaves L.A. boiling

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