Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do We Blame BP or BO for Aquaman?

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  1. heh, good image.

    I think there's plenty of blame to go around. And it starts with the leftist enviro-kooks who whined and moaned and carried on until most off-shore drilling is deep sea. Where it's dangerous and harder (obviously) to deal with problems that occur. Then there's BP, who did indeed cut corners and try to save a buck (that worked so well for Toyota, you know). Then there's this administration, BO, who gave BP a pass on review, didn't do its job of upholding regulations already in place, and was all set to hand out an award to BP for safety!

    All the regulations in the world are totally useless if the incompetent government doesn't apply them. We saw this with Fannie and Freddie and the entire near-collapse of our economy. We don't need MORE government, we need government to do what it is already supposed to do and does not.

    The buck, though, stops with BO, he's got that right. HIS administration was lazy, useless, incompetent, and BP, unregulated, did what it did (and didn't do what it didn't). They, of course, are already suffering, their stocks are falling, this will cost them billions, and they may not recover. Not so, BO. His incompetence will lead to more regulation, if not the total government takeover of the oil industry, when they are responsible for not doing their job in the first place. The whole thing makes me angry . . . particularly at the left who want to pin this on BP when if BO's people had actually done (gasp) their job this never would have happened.