Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ACORN/Big Union/Leftie Groups 04-07

Unions Hurt States

Unions pay themselves first, rank-and-file second (and less)

This is a textbook case on how Unions have evolved from friend of the worker to a succubus draining the economy of life. California's $500-billion pension time bomb. The staggering amount of unfunded debt stands to crowd out funding for many popular programs. Reform will take something sadly lacking in the Legislature: political courage. AND Half Trillion Gap in California Pensions Found

Bad teachers find support in teachers unions

How Not to Lay Off Teachers. New York’s seniority-based system lets too many good young teachers get away.

New Planned Parenthood Strategy: Skyping Abortions

Backlash Against Big Labor: If It's Happening in New Jersey ...

More Racial Scare-Tactics

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