Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Economic Woes 03-10

Dodd-Corker Fed Bill May Contain Left-Wing "Shareholder" Power Grab

What's Best At Reducing Poverty? An Examination of the Effectiveness of the 2007 Minimum Wage Increase

If only financial reform really were funny

Highest, lowest state jobless rates at a glance

30 States Report Higher Unemployment in January

The Right to Work

Nice TPS Report reference - Ergo Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

What's Gross About Our Gross Domestic Product?

The Source of Obama’s Trouble

Federal Deficit Reaches Record High for February

IRS to Track Online Sellers' Payment Transactions Beginning Next Year

Too Late - Cash-Strapped Los Angeles Wary of Scaring Off Business

Job prospects from Obamanomics. Democrats are replacing full-time jobs with part-time temporary

Obama’s Pension Grab

The Coming Tax Rebellion. There is widespread understanding that the American people cannot win back control of their government until the federal tax system is either repaired or ripped out by the roots and replaced.

Obama’s New ‘Poverty’ Measurement. Setting a new national goal: class warfare.

I just have to ask why so scared? - Fed Audit Bitterly Opposed By Treasury

Gov. Pat Quinn budget proposal: Borrow $4.7 billion

Obama's America: The Rich are Getting Richer Well that's what happens when you combine class warfare with the suppression of new business development.

Amazon Hits Back at Colorado Web Sales Tax

Panel bans for-profit earmarks as Dems, GOP race toward reform

US Census Form Letter Promises ‘Fair Share’ of Federal Money

The Stimulus Bill’s Hidden Attack on What We Eat, Drink, and Smoke

Reassessing FHA Risk

I certainly feel like a chump thanks to the Boomers - Will Millennials become the chump generation?

O'Krugman's Keynesian Blarney

s This Reality or a Science Fiction Dystopia?

5 Reasons Why America Should Steer Clear of a National ID Card

Barney Frank wants financial reform on C-SPAN

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