Friday, March 12, 2010

Daily Round-Up 03-12

Reid's Wife Remains Hospitalized After Traffic Accident I drove by this accident while taking my son to OT and saw the crumpled minivan. While I do not share Reid's politics my prayers are with his family for the fast recovery of his wife and all the victims of this awful accident.

PJTV Video (Security) - Purple Badge of Courage: Iraqis Brave the Polls

Obama Spiked ACORN Investigation: Judicial Watch Releases FBI Documents

In Praise of the Rotation of Power


This Land Ain’t your Land; this Land Is my Land

GOP Senators Question $1M Salary for Boys and Girls Club CEO. The chief executive of the charity closing doors for lack of funding earned nearly $1 million in 2008 while officials spent $4.3 million on travel, $1.6 million on conferences, conventions and meetings and $544,000 in lobbying fees

The Constitutional Case Against Progressives I have my copy (and my towel)

Mexican military copter over U.S. neighborhood

The False Premise of National Education Standards

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - Three Amigos, Three Stories & Three Reasons To Watch Trifecta

Ominous Rumblings at the Department of Education

Is Tom Hanks Unhinged?

Obama Says He Backs New Push to Overhaul U.S. Immigration Laws


Climategate: Three of the Four Temperature Datasets Now Irrevocably Tainted. With today’s revelation on Pajamas Media, only the Japan Meteorological Agency is left to save the warmists. Don’t bet on it.

Climategate: Once Respected Nature Now Staffed By Moaning Ninnies

Climategate Reloaded

Slime Is Almost Always Green

Monckton On Climate Hoaxers: ‘Jail The Lot’

The Footprint Theory of Life

PJTV Video (Climategate with our favorite silver fox) - CLIMATEGATE: The Global Warming Cover Up Spreads to NASA

California Regulators: Climate Change a Bigger Threat than Felons. And that, my friends, is why California is sinking into the see.

Climategate Stunner: NASA Heads Knew NASA Data Was Poor, Then Used Data from CRU. New emails from James Hansen and Reto Ruedy (download PDF here) show that NASA's temperature data was doubted within NASA itself, and was not independent of CRU's embattled data, as has been claimed.

Environmentalists go to bat for Crist after Everglades story comes out

Released Emails Show Wind Lobby, Soros Group Helped with White House

Bring it on, EPA


Shocker - ABC and CBS Pass Along Sympathetic Anecdotes from Left-Wing Anti-Insurance Protest

Dan Rather Apologizes for 'Watermelons' Comment

PJTV Video (AlfonZo) - Olbermann’s Way: Scold In Safety, Cower When Called Out

Does Michael Moore Hate Working People?

I Was Am-Bushed On MSNBC Over Iraq

How Andrew Breitbart Hacks the Media

PJTV Video (Hicks File) - Rooting For Bigotry? The Online Screed Skip Gates Let Fly

Andrew Klavan on The Oscar


Court Dismisses ACORN Suit vs. ‘Pimp’, ‘Hooker’ and

Obama Spiked ACORN Investigation: Judicial Watch Releases FBI Documents I am at a loss for words. If even remotely true this is a profound corruption of American law.

Heads Up Talk Radio: The President’s Foot Soldiers Have Your Number

ACORN Cracked, Run Out of State Under RICO Act in Ohio


Our Race: American

PJTV Video (Afterburner) - Flying Solo: Choose Freedom Over the Nanny State

A Courageous Voice Silenced In the Middle East

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