Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election News Round-Up

Ummm, yes it was. White House: Tuesday's GOP wins not about Obama

Obama Rolls the Dice and Craps Out in New Jersey

About Last Night. What the election results mean.

Lessons from the 2009 election results

Pelosi dismisses Dem losses in Virginia and New Jersey

Even safe Democrats feeling at risk

Young voters who helped elect Obama stayed home

Why the economy drove voters to the polls

Obama Watched HBO Special About Himself Instead of Election Results

Maine Agrees With Obama: No Same Sex Marriage AND Maine vote repeals gay marriage law

NY votes for inmate community organizing

The Impact of President Obama On Today's Elections

Steele: Voters Spoke on Obama Policies; White House Brushes Off GOP Victories

Six Election Day Lessons

Election 2009: The Strange Case of NY23 AND The GOP ‘Stalinists’ and Dede Scozzafava AND The Armies of the Right

Yes, Virginia! A Purple State Turns Red

9 Exit Polls: Voters Wary of Economy, Obama Not a Factor

Christie rode suburban finanical angst to win

The GOP Loses Three Times in NY-23

The Comeback Begins AND Anti-Incumbency vs. Anti-Democrat

Vote shows Obama team must listen up

The GOP elite’s $1 million object lesson — and the message of NY-23

Voters Roll Back Democratic Gains in New York Suburbs

NRSC pledges to stay out of contested primaries

An Exciting Win in the PA Suburbs

The Spin Wars

What Do Women Want? Bob McDonnell knows.

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