Saturday, November 7, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 11-07

Mr. President, You Owe an Apology - and an Explanation

Barney Frank present during marijuana bust

Senate Committee Passes Climate Tax without GOP Present

Leaked text of secret copyright treaty vs. bland bureaucratic press-release describing same

Valerie Jarrett: The Slumlord Millionaire

Still saying "We won"? White House Postelection Arrogance

Visiting the White House

Fox’s ACORN Documentary Now Online

Louisiana Attorney General’s Office tells ACORN – Show Me The Money (the books and the corporate records)

BREAKING: More Proof of White House Political Director Patrick Gaspard’s Ties To ACORN Surfaces

Federal Grand Jury Seeks Information from ACORN

The White House War on Speech

Gibbs’ Bushitler amnesia.

Obama Gives Shout Out to 'Congressional Medal of Honor Winner' Who Isn't

Censored! The Truth About Hizb ut-Tahrir

ONE YEAR LATER: Journalists' Love for Obama Still Going Strong So much for the journalists' job of objectively reporting the facts. (Or at least admitting bias - either is fine with me. Anything else is corrupt hypocrisy.)

2010 elections: Democratic fears, Republican hopes

Report: 237 millionaires in Congress It's not corrupt to have money and it's not corrupt to be a politician (stick with me here) but it doesn't seem right to have both that much money and that much power, does it?

Mike Taylor Part 2: Power To The People Full PJTV coverage. Check it out.

Asheville Tea Party “House Call” On Heath Shuler’s Asheville Office

Navy ship built with WTC steel to go into service

Michelle Bachmann’s Capitol Tea Party

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