Monday, October 12, 2009

Spotty Blogging

I want to blog but I also must prepare for my daughter's birthday (party, cake presents, relatives visiting, etc.) so my blogging will be spotty for the next few days.

To give you an idea of why, please enjoy these photos of cakes I have made for my children over the years. They are completely edible and entirely (obviously) homemade.

And yes, I am the best mommy ever.


  1. Duff Goldman is the best mommy ever. :p

  2. Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes TV show and Charm City Bakery fame is excellent and his father is a friend to my husband's think tank, CEI.

    Duff's cakes are not completely edible. (He uses props, etc.) That's my claim and otherwise I would not dream of competing with Mr. Goldman's cake making abilities.

    I do think, however, I can kick his butt in the general Mommy category.