Sunday, October 11, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 10-11

An Award Often Tinged by Politics. From Teddy Roosevelt to Al Gore, Panel Has Sought to Influence World Opinion

Who Really Won? In diminishing American power abroad, Obama and the U.S. choose decline.

DHS Nixes Funds for NYC Anti-Terror Budget This is so wrong, I am sputtering.

Obama stands by Kevin Jennings -- or does he? AND The Irony of Kevin Jennings

Local UAW Flies "USA Barack Obama Flag" And Unions are wondering why folks don't support them any more. AND Unions, Lenin, and the American Way (Part I)

Graham joins Kerry in climate bill support. Both are wrong for supporting this sodden bill. Remember any Senator who votes for the Cap and Trade bill is a Senator who just voted to make your life more expensive.

Speaking of Senators who should not be re-elected... U.S. SENATE SEAT: Two could beat Reid, poll finds. Lowden, Tarkanian tied atop GOP challengers

Air of unease across Rust Belt from climate plan. The Cap and Trade bill is almost perfectly designed to crush American manufacturing, make energy more expensive, kill jobs, and raise taxes.

Top Judge Calls Calif. Government ‘Dysfunctional’
Reader Response from Instapundit:
Reader William Harrington emails:
In your post you comment that the judge is stating the obvious in calling California government dysfunctional. But it’s important to note that he apparently doesn’t consider the elected officials to be dysfunctional. Instead, he blames the voters. Government is dysfunctional in the judge’s eyes principally because California voters, using the referendum process, created a requirement of a supermajority to raise taxes and consequently “California’s lawmakers, and the state itself, have been placed in a fiscal straitjacket by a steep two-thirds-vote requirement — imposed at the ballot box — for raising taxes.”

It apparently didn’t occur to the judge that Californians might not want to make it easy for their legislature to enact confiscatory taxes, or that California’s fiscal mess could be resolved through cuts to profligate spending rather than to continue to shovel ever-increasing amounts of taxpayer dollars into government’s gaping maw. Rather, he sees the voters and the referendum process as impediments to unrestrained government spending.

It’s astonishing to see how many of our public officials appear to be firmly convinced that the people work for the government, and not the other way around.
Excellent point. And it would seem that Justice Ronald George has raised questions about his ability to rule fairly in questions involving ballot initiatives.

Tea partiers turn on GOP leadership. It's is pathetic and wrong to think of TEA Partiers as partisan. They are not fighting for conservatives or liberals, they are fighting for the American Values of individual responsibility, personal responsibility, personal freedom, and lower taxes. They are not fighting for anyone on the Right or the Left, they are fighting for what is right.

Other TEA PARTY news: Tucson's Last Stand draws 6,000 (w/ slideshow)

SNL SIDES WITH THE TERRORISTS-- Mocks Obama's Nobel Prize. Video. SNL is fine, CNN's eventual "fact-checking" of a comedy skit is corrupt.

A little weekend reading: They still spell it 'Amerika'

Federalist Paper Number 42. Refresher course for our Congressional representatives.

What Does the Constitution Really Say About Religion?

Lawsuit Claims Indiana Teacher Tried to Sicken Autistic Boy With Peanut Candy. If true, this teacher is a vile waste of skin.

If George Soros is for it, then its got to be bad. Soros aims to invest $1 bln in green tech

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