Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Opinion Round-Up on Iran

Why democracy isn't important to Obama here from The Boston Globe. I quote below...
The rupture was telegraphed at a pre-inauguration meeting with the Washington Post, during which the incoming president argued that “freedom from want and freedom from fear’’ are more urgent than democracy, and that “oftentimes an election can just backfire’’ if corruption isn’t fixed first. Muravchik points out that when Obama gave Al-Arabiya, an Arabic-language satellite channel, his first televised interview as president, he focused on US relations with the Middle East and Muslim world, yet “never mentioned democracy or human rights.’’

Here and here are pieces from the Wall Street Journal.

David Ignatius has a hopeful op-ed in The Washington Post here.

You'll find Roger Cohen's opinion here in the New York Times.

And according to this article in The Washington Times, Obama sent a letter to the Ayatollah BEFORE the elections. Why?

The Daily Beast has some suggestions for Obama that he probably will not like.

This op-ed here in The Washington Examiner suggests that Obama needs to grow up.

And The Weekly Standard, here, discusses how Obama is doing the worst thing a politician can do - deny the obvious.

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