Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Never Ending Campaign

It looks like Obama is going to try and fight back at the tax revolt and fight for his socialist/progressive agenda by continuing his campaign "grassroots" tricks and utilizing all those "savory" folks who've helped him in the past.

I know I feel just great knowing that these rogues are invited to the White House and given instructions in how to forward Obama's objectives...

Included on the guest list were: Labor leaders Jimmy Hoffa and Andy Stern,’s Eli Pariser, Sierra Club’s Carl Pope, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richardson, and Joe Solomonese of the Human Rights Campaign.
I wouldn't let any of these people on my property, let alone in my house and Obama is using them as tools.

Obama has never run anything except for campaigns. So now we are getting an administration that doesn't know how to do anything productive, only to campaign for really rather stupid government policies. I was sick of the 2008 campaign season in 2007. Now I am sick of the 2012 campaign and it's only 2009. UGH!

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