Friday, February 27, 2009

Congress Breaks Constitution

It is clearly written that Washington DC be a federal city with no state status and therefore can not vote in Congress.

Until now when Congress has voted to give DC a vote. This is the first of what will be many tears in our US Constitution.

Don't be suprised to find our founding document in shreds by the end of this administration.

The DC activists who wanted Washington DC to have a vote in our Federal Congress used the slogan "No Taxation Without Representation". And they are right.

But rather than give them a vote that VIOLATES the Constitution, DC residents should not be forced to pay Federal Taxes - only city ones.

I promise you half the city's woes would have been solved by that tactic only. Now the predominately democrat city will be used to add yet another leftwing vote in our Federal government and this tiny city will help dictate the direction of our entire country.

Hopefully, some right-thinking soul will do a legal challenge in order to prevent this travesty of democracy.

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