Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Random Round-Up 10-10

Good News Everybody! - Romney’s Target Map Expands The GOP candidate's electoral horizons have grown considerably since the debate

Doesn't make sense unless they returned all those illegal foreign donations - DNC faces cash shortfall on eve of 2012 election

Because the optics on this is fantastic - ABC News scrambles to downplay Obama’s attendance at VP debate moderator’s wedding

From that non-partisan, fair-to-all class act that is the ACLU - ACLU pressuring vice presidential debate moderator to emphasize GOP ‘war on women’

Tell us something we don't know, please - NYT's Nate Silver Exposed as Obama Propagandist

At least he's honest - CEO to Workers: You'll Likely Be Fired If Obama Is Re-elected

Is that why they are blue? 2013 Business Tax Climate: Chilliest in Blue States

Jack Welch: I Was Right About That Strange Jobs Report The economy would need to be growing at breakneck speed for unemployment to drop to 7.8% from 8.3% in the course of two months.

O’s economic woes Prez unable to spin this mess
Latest O’Keefe Video Shows Obama Campaign Voter Fraud

$40 MILLION Dollars! - Akin chides gov't money tied to McCaskill's spouse

Never the crime, always the cover-up - MEDC Removes Video of Obama, Top Dems Praising Failed Battery Company

My bet is Mitt Romney has Harry Reid on tape as a pedophile - Why Harry Reid Hates Mitt Romney

Lamest. Ad. Ever. - Confirmed: Big Bird ad a flop across the entire political spectrum

A politician faces no wrath like a media scorned - The liberal media loved Obama to death

Obama's Death by Jobs

Nearly a month later?! - Congress Holds First Hearing on U.S. Consulate Attack in Libya

Be careful what you wish for little boy for you shall surely get it - Obama Says He Wants to Debate Civil Liberties With Romney; Here's Some Atrocious Decisions He Should Explain

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