Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Explanation

Dear Reader, I owe you an explanation as to why my posting at this blog has dropped off. Chaos. Chaos. And more chaos. In the one year and three months since my father died, I've gone into a tailspin, coped with every older female in my family being in and out and in and in and in hospital for various ailments and surgeries and self-inflicted injuries. We've added new pets (three) to the family, we've traveled to visit family up and down the coast, my husband went awol to promote his book, I've had a personal illness (mild), and the regular stresses of caring for a family which includes a child with both ADHD and SID. Worst of all, I miss my daddy beyond words. There are other shoes which must drop but I promise in the new year to do better. Thank you for your patience and my God bless you this holiday season and bring you joy in the new year.


  1. No explanation needed, Kris. Out here in the real world we go through life with as much grace as we can muster. Just as you do.

    Take care! My thoughts are with you. And Merry Christmas!

  2. Take care of what you need to do, we will be here when you get back.