Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of The Union Round-Up 01/26

Text of President Obama’s State of the Union address

GOP Response From Rep. Paul Ryan

Rep. Michele Bachmann of the Tea Party: 'We bought a bureaucracy that tells us which lightbulbs to buy'

Huffington Post's response - Hogwash, Mr. President

John Stossel - My State of the Union Address

Drunkblogging the State of the Union

AP ain’t buying it, Barry

A Million Points of Trite

The text of the State of the Union Address from a Democratic insider who has violated the White House embargo.

iPhone and oBama: Two Expensive New Models ( SOTU response!)

From the Most Surprising to the Most Ridiculous Moment -- A Review of Obama's State of the Union Speech

The Most Offensive Line in the State of the Union

'Hannity' Focus Group: Obama Speech Falls Flat

The Troubled Fannie & Freddie Omission
A grab for the high ground

What Obama didn’t mention in his speech

An Uninspired State of the Union

A good night sleep beat out the SOTU…UPDATE: so bad even MSNBC not trying to spin it

The laundry list from Obama's non-laundry-list State of the Union address

A State of the Union response or a 2012 match-up?

Obama: ‘Countless New Jobs’

State of the Union Blues

HIGHLIGHTS-President Obama's State of the Union speech

Obama State of the Union: spending, but restraint

Obama’s SOTU address: the President invents bi-angulation

Krauthammer underwhelmed by Obama vision in SOTU address: ‘Late Clintonian Minimalism’

Obama's State of the Union Focus: "Winning the Future"

Where was Obama the centrist in his State of the Union?

Obama's State of the Union

Obama vows to lower corporate tax rate

Obama gives a speech we can’t take seriously

Business Sees the Devil in the Policy Details

SOTU sells big government with American exceptionalism

State of the Union Comment Thread

US has 'broken the back' of the recession: Obama

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