Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bill Quick's Predictions

All these seem plausible....

Happy New Year 2011!

1. Hillary will leave the Obama administration.

2. Attorney General Eric Holder will leave the Obama administration.

3. Germany will pull out of the Euro.

4. The Yen will collapse.

5. Sarah Palin will begin her run for the White House.

6. Mitt Romney will not.

7. Nor will Mike Huckabee.

8. The housing market will collapse again, and take several major financial institutions down with it this time.

9. California will experience what would be called “sovereign default” if it were an independent nation.

10. There will be an effort to recall Jerry Brown - from the left!

11. Major rioting will hit Los Angeles as the city, county, and state drastically scale back welfare programs at every level.

12. Mike Bloomberg will begin a run for the White House. Within three months he will end it.

13. The Supreme Court will strike down the individual mandate requirement of Obamacare after taking up the case on an expedited review basis, at the request of all sides.

14. The City and County of San Francisco will file for bankruptcy.

15. Gold will break $2000 an ounce.

16. There will be a successful “Black Swan” (who could possibly have imagined?) terrorist attack on the American heartland. The Obama administration will attempt to impose draconian new security measures. These will be rejected by Congress.

17. Obama’s personal popularity will sink below 40%. His job approval ratings will sink below 30%.

18. At some point, the House of Representatives’ approval ratings will be higher than President Obama’s.

19. Iran’s President Ahmajihadi will be assassinated.

20. North Korea’s current iteration of Dumb Leader will be replaced, not by his son, but by a military junta. Tensions in that part of the world will cool.

21. Militant Islamic terrorists will set off a nuke - in Russia.

Have a Happy New Year!

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-Bill Quick

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kris!

    Not only are these plausible, I actually hope they all, except for the nuke and the loss of innocent lives in the Heartland, happen.

    Liken these predictions and my hope to how you feel when you've had *way* too much to drink (back when you were young & stupid). You know you're going to get sick. But every time after your first experience praying to the porcelain goddess, you know you're going to feel *much* better afterward. And yet, you do all that you can to avoid it. You toss & turn. You eat soda crackers to absorb the poison. Eventually you-- or someone who loves you-- prepare the towel & wet wash rags. Still, you keep on hoping you won't get sick. Why? Why not just puke & get it over with?

    The entire world has had *way* to much too drink-- and this isn't the first time. Puke. Feel better. Vow never to overdo it again. Get back to being productive. ... Puke. Feel better. Repeat.

    On another, personal note. This was the first Christmas since Dad died that none of us-- children, semi-, and adult grandchildren-- worried about Mom's reaction when we recollected Dad at the dinner table. We all laughed. We all recited a few sayings & poems Dad had loved. It was great.

    I also want to share with you a song. Can't find a link but it's "Sing a Family Song" by Merle Haggard. Listen to it.

    Best to you & yours!


    P.S. Re.: #11. If it comes to this, pray daughter #2 and her husband have gotten out in time. Thanks.