Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Reign of Right-Wing Primetime

Very Interesting - The Reign of Right-Wing Primetime


  1. Thanks. Sadly there is more sadness in my family. My mother-in-law is gravely ill.

  2. I am sorry to hear this, Kris. Life sucks. Except, of course, you know it really doesn't... except at times when it really does.

    Our 27 year old daughter is back home. Not a freeloader-- she's an interior designer pushing the re-set button (and we, forward thinkers that we are, have positioned ourselves to accommodate such re-sets). She sent me something from NPR-- I'm with you on NPR, but it wasn't a bad piece. "Why I Don't Cook For My Parents"

    I gave it a cursory read, and took home the point that our parents created homes. And we, as parents, should do the same.

    [Note that I'm bracketing these comments. I appreciate that the mess that this country is in is a multi-factorial cluster f&^%, But I also can't stop from wondering how much the disintegration of the mom-dad norm weighs in the mess.}


    Is it hoky for me to suggest that you & the kids make a wreath? Your kids have lost a Grandpa, and are looking at losing a Grandma. This has got to suck for them. Gather all the photos, all the mementos... make a wreath. Your kids are young. They will remember it.

    Good luck.

    (Please do not post this.)